Review: Read It Later

The first time I saw the Internet–many, many years ago–I thought I’d died and discovered that heaven is a really great library. Unfortunately I soon discovered that this library was growing faster than my time and energy were able to keep up with.

Enter bookmarks. Enter “save as…” Enter tabbed browsers. (Last week I discovered I had 88 tabs open in Firefox.) Enter RSS subscriptions. If it were a physical pile of TBR (to be read) books like the one on my coffee table, it would have engulfed the eastern United States by now.

No, I haven’t found a solution, but I have a new tool and it works for some situations. Read It Later is a simple plug-in that works with your web browser or mobile device so that you can save a web page to read later. It stores pages locally so they are accessible whether your are online or offline.

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