I started college as a chemistry major and ended with a Bachelor of Arts in English. So it’s no surprise I became an “accidental techie,” then went on to actively follow my curiosity about what computers and technology can do. I’ve taken some continuing education courses in Global Affairs at NYU. What else would a generalist with a broad range of interests want to study? Most of my career has been spent in non-profit organizations. I do nuts & bolts work behind the scenes, but enjoy knowing that my work supports something more than the financial bottom line. I’ve worked in museums, educational organizations, and the American Red Cross. I have also volunteered with Oxfam Action Corps in New York City. from 2014 to 2016 (when Oxfam disbanded the Action Corps), with the Action Corps (its successor), Transportation Alternatives, and irregularly with other non-profits. In 2022 I began writing articles for the newsletter of a small environmental organization in New York City. I have always enjoyed walking and have recently been enjoying nature walks with local groups and on my own.

Online Presence

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I quit Facebook in 2015 and some day I will write a post about that. I still have a Twitter account but protected my posts in December 2022. If you are a legacy follower who hasn’t moved to Mastodon yet you can continue to follow me there, but I will not be accepting new followers.

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