Eh, Canada: A Love Story (Part 1)

In March 2002, after five months of working for the American Red Cross, I burned out: brain fried, emotions drained, body tired. I needed to get away, but I didn’t have much vacation time, so I headed to Québec. It seemed as far as I could go in four-day weekend. When I returned I e-mailed some friends about my trip. In honor of the approximate nine-year anniversary of that trip and the upcoming #UsGuys meetup in Toronto, I’m sharing a slightly revised account, in two parts (the second will appear on Thursday).


It was an adventure just getting to Québec. There are no direct flights from New York (which surprised me), so I had to go through Toronto. It was windy in Toronto, and the plane coming to NY was delayed. The plane landed at almost the exact time the connecting flight to Québec was supposed to depart, but fortunately it was also late. Even so, I had to run the entire length of the terminal and was one of the last to board.

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It’s a pretty short flight, just over an hour. The plane began its descent to Québec—and then began to climb again! The pilot’s voice announced that there were strong cross winds, poor visibility, and icy runways in Québec; we would have to return to Toronto.

It got a little bumpy as we were descending towards Toronto. If this was acceptable, what was the weather like in Québec? I wondered. The woman sitting next to me looked nervous. “They oughta pave these roads!” I said, and two rows laughed nervously.

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