My SoMe Anniversary

Two years ago today, in a fit of something-or-other, I signed up with and Twitter. On the very same day. Whatever was I thinking?

It took me a little while to get the blog going, but once I got started I kept at it, twice a week, until May 2011 when my Dad was hospitalized. He (or perhaps I should say “we”) endured two and a half months of doctors, hospital rooms, two surgeries, and physical therapy. But I’m happy to say he made a full recovery. Indeed, it’s possible he and I were the only people who never seriously doubted he would. Amazing what a couple of stubborn Swedes can do when we are determined.

Tomorrow is my two-year anniversary on Twitter and I have 10,956 tweets. Won’t break 11K unless I get into a very active Twitter chat.

— Karen E. Lund (@Karen5Lund) August 9, 2012

Tweeting took less time to get into. As I’ve blogged about before, two days after joining Twitter I got involved in a five-hour, 1,500-person Twitter chat. It was a little like trying to learn how to ride a bicycle while actually riding one down the side of a mountain, but it was fascinating and I was hooked. I learned about hashtags, alternate Twitter clients, and the zen-like art of not trying to read every single Tweet that flies by on my screen.

The blog may have fallen by the wayside while my Dad was ill, but Twitter certainly didn’t. I got pretty good at Tweeting from my cell phone, even though it’s not a smart phone. (Twitter’s 140-character limit is based on the 160-character limit of SMS text messages.) Occasionally I sent updates about Dad’s surgery and recovery right from the hospital.

When I had a little free time I fired up the laptop and hung out with #UsGuys, a Twitter tribe (and a whole lot more) that found me late in 2010 when they were just getting started. Now I’ve met many of them face-to-face. It was a good way to relax and vent some of my frustrations, in between Google searches for strange medical terms like “orthostatic hypotension.” That was my phrase of the years for  2011, because it was Dad’s last hurdle before he could transfer out of the hospital and into a nursing home for physical therapy and wound care before going home.

Life has gotten back to normal, or a reasonable facsimile of normal, so I’ve been meaning to get into blogging again. But first I had to write the scary post about Dad’s illness. In reality it’s about four posts, and not short ones, but I’m not sure it needs to be published. It just needed to be written, and I’ve mostly done that. Perhaps that’s my own therapy: blogging therapy. Get it out of my system and move on. The middle of 2011 was certainly an exercise in expanding my circle of ignorance, not only about obscure medical terms but about how vulnerable the human body can be—and how strong the human will can be.

For the foreseeable future I hope to publish one post a week. It’s a manageable schedule, especially as I am currently doing some temporary work and looking for a more permanent position. In my work explorations I can certainly find at least one interesting nugget to blog about each week. At least something I think is interesting. If you were with me for any part of the first run, you already know my mind can be somewhat quirky and my tastes eclectic. But that’s how I push the bounds of my ignorance.

I hope you’ll join me for the next leg of the ride.

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