Taming the Firehose

I spent the New Year’s weekend at my Dad’s house, which these days is nostalgic in more ways than ever. Dad is a luddite and his house is a technology-free zone—no computer, no Internet access, no online connection beyond the “dumb” phone I brought with me. He does have a television (which I don’t) and a microwave because his culinary skills are limited. It’s a different experience. Lots of football, a little hockey, and no Twitter. If we want a weather forecast, I can’t check the National Weather Service website; we watch the Weather Channel. If our timing is off, it’s ten minutes until the next local report. Where has my patience gone? Ten minutes isn’t that long.

When I got online after three days away, the world had gone on without me. There’s a bunch of e-mail, a new connection accepted on LinkedIn, and I cracked the 500 mark in Twitter followers. Well, it’s not like I expected everyone to stop interacting because I’d spent some time away, but I’m wondering how to keep up.

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