Early Posts from TED Women: Embracing the Beauty of Balance

The video posts from last week’s TED Women are beginning to appear on TED‘s website. My brain is still swimming from all the wonderful talks I saw, but two of  the first to be posted are from Tuesday’s session, which I didn’t see.

One of the few men to speak was Tony Porter. (There was another man who spoke on Wednesday, when I attended TEDxTribecaWomen. He was terrific and I’ll share it with you when it’s posted on TED’s website.) He tells some very personal stories about growing up and what he thought manhood is supposed to be—and how he later changed his mind. As I suspect is often the case, part of his realization came from being the father of a little girl.

Tony Porter: A Call to Men
(I am having difficulty embedding TED Talks directly in the blog, so you’ll need to click through yourself. It’s worth a click, and then some.)

The best quote from his talk, and maybe one of the best from the whole event: “My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman.”

The other video from Tuesday’s TED Women is Halla Tomasdottir, a woman banker from Iceland who co-founded Auður Capital.

Please pay attention to her name: Tomasdottir. You’ve seen plenty of people with surnames like Tomasson, Johnson, Hanson, etc. But Tomasdottir? Yes, in some parts of Scandinavia the patronymic changes when applied to daughters. (Note that it’s still based on the father’s name, not the mother’s—but it’s a little less male-centric than other cultures.)

Halla Tomasdotter: A Feminine Response to Iceland’s Financial Crash

My favorite take-away from her talk: “It is not about women being better than men, it is actually about women being different than men.”

There are more videos from the TEDWomen conference appearing almost daily on the site. Stay tuned! Some of those I enjoyed most are still under wraps. And you can visit TED‘s website to see past talks. You have to love a site where videos are rated “jaw dropping” or “inspiring,” but also “obnoxious” or “unpersuasive”… and decide for yourself.

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