The $1.1 Trillion Industry You Don’t Know

Several years ago, when I was employed by the American Red Cross, my Mom told me about a conversation she had with my brother.

Mom had mentioned something about my work and my brother said, “Oh, that…. When is she going to get over that non-profit thing?”

That “non-profit thing,” Mom explained, was my job. Sure I could make more money working somewhere else, but what I was doing was worthwhile–and although it wasn’t a lot of money, it was enough to live comfortably. (Thanks, Mom!!)

Some people understand. Many don’t. About 10% of all American workers are employed by a non-profit organization, from grass-roots community organizations to universities and research hospitals, and yet sometimes it feels like we’re invisible.

Philanthropy Guy gets it. His real name is Ben Klasky and he’s researched the non-profit sector up, down and sideways and compiled an impressive collection of statistics on who and what makes up the non-profit world. Then he put the numbers into a video that teaches even experienced non-profiteers like me a few new facts, all in under four minutes.

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